Don’t bug me at 8 p.m. Thursdays

    I am not a reality show addict. Truly.

    But I am selectively addicted to reality TV shows.

    In my home, we share many of our TV loves. “CSI” extends down to the youngest members, although they’re not allowed to watch certain episodes. “NCIS” has grown on them, too, particularly Abby. The “Stargate” shows on Sci Fi are huge hits, as well. (Tonight: An old enemy returns and starts plotting Earth’s destruction. We would expect nothing less.)

    Still, all of those are dispensable. If we’re gone, busy, forgot to record, no great shakes.

    “Survivor,” however, is another matter.

    We have been hooked since the very first season. We dragged through the boring Thailand season, thrilled at the wildlife in the Africa and Australia seasons, and are settling in happily to pick new favorites from the latest batch.

    So far:

    * We wouldn’t mind being on Exile Island. We do wonder, though, why no one has built better shelter while they’re there.

    * We’re waiting for the astronaut and fighter pilot to talk shop with the missile engineer.

    * We wonder how much Mr. Quitter would pay in an auction for a smoke or two. Waiting for him to fall into a fetal position, twitching.

    * Never mind David Letterman’s protest after a “Big Brother” vote that the housemates were stupid to vote off the stripper. “Survivor” tribemates had a choice to make and they were eyeing … the nurse? She’s still around but her days are numbered. I say better to keep her and get rid of the whiny fire dancer.

    * Who’s going to be the coaster this time, who makes it WAY farther than he or she should, just by not ticking anyone else off too badly? Sometimes coasters even win (see: Thailand).

    * Those beaches need some sort of predatory carnivorous creature … like the ones from “Surface.” THAT would spice up camp life.

    This post originally appeared on, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.

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