And the record is …

In between heavy sprinkles, I prowled my yard in search of dandelions this afternoon. Many plants are allowed to live in my yard: wild violets, tiny lilies of the valley that only survive in one corner, some particularly attractive ground cover.

Not allowed are Weed X, some square-stemmed thing I have yet to identify, and the dandelions. So I stalked the yard with waste bag and trowel, digging out the yellow offenders. I came across one spent one with a stem so long I had to bring it in the house to show off and measure. It came in at 27 inches tall.

(Did I mention I’d been sick a few days? Because if I’d seen something that tall and yellow bobbing outside my kitchen window, I would have bolted right outside.)

While in the early stages of illness, I was scanning the on-demand cable TV options and came across Food Network and HGTV shows. You have no idea how cool I found this. “Ace of Cakes” whenever I want?

Later I found highlights from Stanley Cup playoff games, which allowed me to show my husband the wicked hit on Holmstrom in game 3. (Mr. Pronger did NOT come from the side, as some have claimed.)

But the best discovery yet came from my son, as he went searching for yet more new options. I know this is a shameless effort to ride on the popularity of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and that it will be short-lived, but it is so fabulous I do not care: a Johnny Depp channel. I am not making this up. I would not dare make it up. It truly exists, and I will watch every scrap of it.<P>

<em>This post originally appeared on <a title=”Midland Daily News” href=””></a&gt;, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.</em>

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