Pet Pic, 101915 edition

Photo of black cat and black Labrador retriever on quilt-covered bed
Daryl and Maggie, Oct. 17, 2015

Black on black.

Generally speaking, black animals are difficult to photograph, often smearing into dark blobs. I thought this dual challenge came out OK.

The context: cat Daryl already was lying on the bed with me (that’s my jean-clad knee at the bottom) when Maggie, the faithful Lab assistant, came to check in. I invited her up onto the bed to hang out while I worked and after brief hesitation, up she hopped. She often does lie on the bed, but never before with Daryl. He looked back over his shoulder at her then laid his head back down, unperturbed.

Yes, they are touching. No, they are not anywhere near the same size – he weighs about 11 pounds to her 97. Perspective is a tricky beast.

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