Plant Pic, 052619 edition

Lilac bush in backyard

This is our first spring in the forever home we moved into in September, so it is VERY exciting from a gardening standpoint. We’re still figuring out exactly what we have sprouting and trying to chart the hours of sun while the weather remains stubbornly overcast many days.

Last fall, my favorite local greenhouse (Keit’s in Bay City) put its perennials on deep discount, as I knew they would, and I snatched up two lilacs and a viburnum. My husband got sick of hearing me talk about finding plants and getting them nestled in before winter, but now we’re reaping the benefits. The lilacs I installed next to our patio are only waist high, but blossoming enough that the perfume gently fills the air.

I’m looking forward to many more years of these scents. And you can bet that I’ll be prowling the sale offerings again come fall.


Plant Pic, 052519 edition

Calla lilies, one white and one red that is split in two

I’m a big fan of cut flowers, which I usually buy from the half-off bins at Kroger. My most recent bouquet included not one but two calla lilies, and I was surprised to find one stem supporting two blossoms. I don’t know how unusual this is, but I appreciated it.

The last of 2016

Reindeer lying in snow

A tiny maple tree growing out of the base of a birch tree

^ A tiny maple tree grows out of the base of the birch tree in our front yard. [Oct. 31, 2016]

As 2016 ticks and dribbles and fades away, here are some photos I had lurking: pets, plants and more.

Three purple vases with flowers against a purple wall



Usually on Goodwill visits I’m after clothes, but I often end up scanning the pots and vases. This trio of narrow purple vases had to come home with me. The flowers are portions of a bouquet from Kroger. [Oct. 24, 2016]

View out a sliding glass door onto a balcony

^ Unseasonably warm temperatures meant I had the office door open on Nov. 1.

View of woods in fog

^ Opening day of firearm deer season in Michigan may be the closest thing we have to an unofficial state holiday. This is at 8:57 a.m., nearly two hours after the start of shooting light, but the fog still made sighting whitetails a challenge. This is the view directly in front of me. [Nov. 15, 2016]


^ Hours between deer sightings mean plenty of time to look around … or down. This moss with trumpet-shaped protrusions was inside where my ground blind sat. [Nov. 15, 2016]

Sunset in the woods

^ Light in the woods dies early. The view to my right at 4:12 p.m. [Nov. 15, 2016]

Sunset silhouette in the woods

^ The view to my left at 4:14 p.m. The silhouette in the bottom center is my ground blind with open windows. [Nov. 15, 2016]

Squirrel drinking water from a red glass bowl

^ Our definition of pets broadly includes what we call “yard pets,” animals we provide for without trying to domesticate. The balcony includes one or more dishes of fresh water year round. When it is freezing out, I keep two spares just inside the door and rotate as needed, which can be every hour. [Nov. 16, 2016]

Maggie and Abbey lying in a doorway

^ Can’t find the dogs? They’re probably lying in a doorway. [Nov. 29, 2016]

Sticky note reading "Oh hello there"


Once our children got older and their Christmas presents more expensive and fewer, I started sending them on hunts with clues to find the final gifts. They’re 22 and 23 and I still do it. When I went looking for sticky notes to write the clues and puzzle words on, I found that my son had left a note on the pad. I stuck it to the mirror because it makes me happy. [Dec. 24, 2016]

Reindeer lying in snow

^ My favorite thing about Christmas here in Bay City, Michigan, is the reindeer at the Nate and Mary Ida Doan Santa House. Other places have reindeer for short visits, but ours have their own barn and can be visited during the hours the Santa House is closed. [Dec. 21, 2016]

A reindeer with one antler

^ This reindeer is smaller than a whitetail deer and has only one antler, with the darker portion curving forward. [Dec.21, 2016]