Plant Pics, 031816 edition

Criss-crossing roots

Vertical photo of tree with many entwined trunksThe conservatory at Dow Gardens is a wondrous place even when there aren’t butterflies flitting about inside, as there are right now during Butterflies in Bloom.

The building, all metal and glass and angles from the outside, is bright and welcoming inside. Tropical plants are everywhere, from sturdy decades-old trees to fragile orchids.

The flowers are of course beautiful and I’m a huge foliage fan, but I’ve been finding myself intrigued by what I see when I look down.


Base of three-trunked tree with curled roots wrapping around inside of huge pot
This looks like a perfect spot for a small animal to curl up and sleep.
Criss-crossing roots
This reminds me of clasped hands.
Gnarled base of a tropical plant with many stubs where branches were lopped off close to the trunk
I envision some mythical creature living in here.