Bully for me

Yesterday my son’s first issue of Game Informer magazine came in the mail – “FINALLY,” he said – and he promptly fell to reading it.

Later while he was outside I looked again at the cover, which was about the game “Bully.” I didn’t remember any brouhaha about the game but apparently there was quite a bit, most of which the cover story debunked. In short, it’s not a Columbine simulator, there are no knives or guns anywhere in the game, it IS an incredibly rich environment in which every single character has a purpose and …

I went outside. “I want ‘Bully,’ I announced.

He didn’t blink about it being a PS2 game, or perhaps he hadn’t noticed yet. He just sold a PS2, and rather than the $600 PS3 we’d been eyeing a Wii as the next family console. But I made the same didn’t-check-platform error a second later when I mentioned an ad I’d seen in the same magazine that reminded me of something.

“And I want ‘Oddworld,'” I added.

THAT perked him up. “That means we need an Xbox 360,” he said.


This post originally appeared on ourMidland.com, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.

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