About me

Welcome! My name is Beth Bellor and I live in Bay City, Michigan.

In my freelance working life, I’m a mild-mannered editor and occasional writer. This blog is the home of my non-work writing.

13 things about me 

1 I grew up in Radcliff, Kentucky, right outside Fort Knox and near Louisville. I left North Hardin High School before my senior year for a family move but consider it my alma mater. Go Cats.

2 I currently live with two dogs and one cat. (If you pay much attention at all to this blog, you already knew this.) I always try to have at least one of each around. If I had the space to add more right now, I’d get a big senior dog to give the Lab assistant some calmer company.

3 I love snakes. However, I married someone who does not. I haven’t given up.

4 Dark chocolate is the best. White chocolate is not chocolate. Chocolate vodka is disgusting and proof that combining two wonderful things does not always work.

5 I love taking pictures. (Again, if you pay much attention at all to this blog, you already knew this.) The only reason I am upgrading my iPhone 4 is because of an ad I saw about low-light capability on the iPhone 7’s camera.

6 I love Macs. I am not made of money so I have a Wintel laptop. But I beat Windows into as Maclike a form as I can.

7 I enjoy many kinds of music but my absolute favorites feature electric guitars and are best appreciated at volume 11.

8 I hunt, but only for animals I eat. To do otherwise is wasteful.

9 I’m ¼ Finnish. That part of my family originated in Jyväskylä.

10 I sometimes watch movies on a big screen just for how they look, especially anything by Tim Burton or Guillermo del Toro.

11 My ideal house will have all of my books and elephants on display.

12 My favorite place to volunteer is Dow Gardens (in Midland, Michigan) and my favorite job there is tending baby butterflies (hence the annual Butterfly Diary). Everyone who can volunteer should; it makes our world a nicer place.

13 is my favorite number. Purple is my favorite color and the color of my office walls.

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