Baby, it’s cold outside

I was careful this weekend to think of protecting things from the cold. First there was me, driving to MDN Saturday for an evening shift that would end around midnight, decked out in an Air Force northern tier parka. Even standing between the truck and the gas pumps, the wind snaked through enough that I appreciated the thick warmth.

Last night I concerned myself about our outdoor rabbit, even consulting my husband. He promised that with windblocks on four sides and fresh straw to burrow into, she was fine.

This morning, my little car was not fine. Just as I was stomping into the house to call and say I might be stranded, my boss was telephoning to do a head count. Fortunately, most of my work can be done from my house, so no harm done.

My next task, though, is to see if I can rev enough gerbils in my six-year-old battery to turn the engine over. Yesterday at 8 a.m. it was hard going; this morning it was wheezing and ain’t no way. If it does start, guess where I’m heading?<P>

<em>This post originally appeared on <a title=”Midland Daily News” href=””></a&gt;, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.</em>

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