Cough, rake and vaccuum

Once upon a time I lived in a more humid place. Each spring, when the famous blue rains came, I would get bronchitis for six weeks or so. Then I moved 500 miles north and got much healthier.

No more. I am just ending what I think was my third case of bronchitis and upper respiratory infection in four years.

I didn’t like the doctor Saturday morning asking questions that required me to think, like about dates. I did appreciate that she cut to the chase and asked what medicine I took the last time I had this. Three prescriptions later I was shuffling to my car, clinging to the clerk’s promise I would feel better in about 24 hours.

On a very up note, I started feeling human again just in time for that glorious weather the other day. I had entertained thoughts of working on the bedroom paint job, but then I stepped outside. Five yard waste bags were hauled to the curb, and the November leaf piles were no more.

And the bedroom? Finally all the painting, sanding, painting, touching up etc. is done – rare sienna and wild porcini – and tonight we can vaccuum and move back in. So next time we have 70-degree weather, we can open the living room window our box spring has been propped up against for a month.

This post originally appeared on, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.

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