Sunday on the couch

This is what comes of burning the candle at both ends – or at least, of working Monday through Friday, then Friday night, then Saturday night, in a week where a volunteer position kept the midnight oil burning as well. Three nights of four hours’ sleep or less. I sat at my desk last night with no urge to eat and sinuses slowly filling, knowing today would be spent on the couch.

And so it has been, after. You know, after some first-thing-in-the-morning website work, then cantoring at church, then laying out a decorative tile pattern at my husband’s request so he got the “rugs” where I wanted them.

Crash. Only bean soup in the pantry. Son offers to make a store run to fetch more appropriate soup (clam chowder, yay). Son also heats the soup, serves it, pronounces that I need DayQuil and serves that as well. Think I’ll keep him.

Around me, activity hums. Tile work continues in the back. Children finish homework. A hunting buddy drops off a .30-.30 for the boy to use in next weekend’s youth hunt, because apparently my .270 was declared unsuitable.

I am in charge of the remote, now clicking among three channels: NASCAR, Lions, WNBA. The week’s sudokus are in a pile next to me. And the couch is beckoning again …

This post originally appeared on, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.

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