Happy New Year, everyone!

When my husband asked a week or so ago what I might have for a New Year’s resolution, I said something vague about eating better – more nutrition, more flavor, less boredom.

What occurred to me as I woke this morning, though, was more of a theme: less garbage. Sure it will be for food, because I certainly eat enough things that can’t be considered proper fuel. But it also can be for garbage I keep in my head or heart, like negative thoughts or resentment. It can be for the continued decluttering of our home, letting go of things we don’t use regardless of how long we’ve had them or how much we paid. And certainly it can be for what I send back out into the world. The snarkiness will be tough plowing, but something I need to consider.

I have great tools: FlyLady, Saving Dinner, Freecycle. At 43, I’ve had about enough time to decide how I want my life to go, don’t you think? If the people around me aren’t always as cooperative as I’d like, well, I need to move forward without begrudging the effort, because I still end up at a place of my choosing.

That’s the theory, anyway. It’ll be “Pirates 3” and another Monopoly marathon at our house today, as the blessing that is my family is the holiday’s focus. The coat closet can wait until tomorrow – truly. Peace to all.

This post originally appeared on, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.

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