Coats all around

In a fine display of Evil Motherdom, I forced coats upon my children this morning.

There were protests. Even though my daughter sometimes goes outside during the school day, she does so with a hoodie as her heaviest garment.

Not today. For a few winters now, I have put up with the coat rebellion with the understanding that if it’s below 20 or actively snowing, coats might be required. Headed to Washington, DC for the weekend? Take coats. Take a pair of boots, to boot (and they haven’t been worn since).

1 degree qualifies as cold, but the squawking persisted. My son tried arguing that he had no room in his locker for a coat, but soon decided wearing it was easier than trying to win.

My lovely daughter grabbed a coat on the way out the door. Then she headed into school with just the hoodie, leaving the coat on the back seat of the car. I honked and she turned back, full of rudeness, and grabbed the coat to carry into school.

For one day, anyway, they will be prepared. And that rude remark bought some extra chores.

I didn’t even insist on gloves. But there’s always tomorrow.

This post originally appeared on, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.

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