What storm?

Man, I KNOW I saw white bands wrapped across our part of the state on a weather map yesterday. I was checking it out because there had been mutterings of a winter storm watch, and we very much wanted to go to Saginaw to watch Midland High play in the state hockey quarterfinals.

I think I’ve said we are huge hockey fans. The boy has played for nine years, and will watch pretty much any hockey game. I was flipping through channels the other day while his back was turned, and the second he heard a puck hit a stick he whipped around and asked for the TV to be left there. The Rangers and someone; he didn’t care. He will watch any NHL, any college, any Olympic, and more than once has said there should be a WNHL, which I think was largely prompted by that killer goalie from Sweden that Minnesota recruited.

We are even more vested in the Chemics, though, because my nephew/godson is on the team. I eyed the weather with a little concern, because I have a small low car, and toyed with taking my husband’s truck instead.

As I picked up the boy from school, I saw a few snowflakes and thought, “Here it comes.” Nope that was it. IT!

So I suppose the “watch” in winter storm watch was just, “Watch our forecast.” There sure wasn’t anything to see in the sky.

The game, though, that was something else. I was worried after that muffed drop pass that set up Davison’s score in the first period. Midland seemed to be the better team, but once it became a 2-point deficit we fretted still more, because 2 points is huge in hockey. The way they hung in speaks to the character of the team, and they are so deserving of the semifinal berth they snagged in overtime.

Have I mentioned I hate sudden death?

This post originally appeared on ourMidland.com, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.

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