A move by Ford … but a smart one?

Woohoo! Even the most casual Lions fan, which would be me, has to be cheered by Matt Millen’s departure. Football isn’t something I care much about but I do try to follow the Lions, and from the moment my son and I turned on the radio to hear Atlanta rolling all over them, it has been dismal. Last Sunday I walked through the ice arena waiting for the world’s slowest-undressing hockey player, and paused to look up at a TV; yep, the Lions had lost again. When do the Red Wings start?

So bumping into the news about Millen was a happy occasion. Granted, it won’t do any good this season, and it removes a whipping boy so there might be even LESS joy in watching. But there now is a glimmer of hope for future seasons, where before there was none.

It’s only a glimmer, though, because guess what? Ford Sr. hasn’t magically developed hiring skills overnight. Who’s to say the next choice will be any better?

For a more sports-eloquent expansion of that thought, check out Mitch Albom’s column as he rightly asks, “And?”

In the meantime, no one has to feel bad about pondering next year while watching the Lions go through the motions, because next year is all anyone really will care about now.

Maybe the Lions should adopt Jim Leyland’s stance of insisting everyone earn next year’s roster spot, regardless of name. Do the Lions have any actual players besides Calvin Johnson? And of course there are two glaring flaws here: It takes more than players, and why take advice from the Tigers?

Like I said, waiting for the NHL season to start.

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