Waste not, freezer style

I love my slow cooker. But it has a downside.
It’s rare that any of us want the same food more than a couple of days in a row. So we’ve had tubs of leftovers stacking up, and this week we reached four types: Tuscan bean and sausage soup, refried bean chili, Panama pork stew and stuffed cabbage casserole. (First one from “Saving Dinner” by Leanne Ely, second two from Better Homes and Gardens’ “Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes” and last one from bigoven.com.)
My friend Elly had the perfect solution when I muttered about leftover soup. I had made a few quarts of bean soup, but my daughter doesn’t like it, so I pulled out the gallon or so of turkey noodle soup I had frozen. Now I had two vats of soup cluttering my refrigerator, and a household tiring of it.
It turns out Elly also loves making soup, but in her household of two, the fatigue sets in quickly. So after a meal or two, she freezes the rest in individual servings, and she and her husband can just yank a bag out of the freezer for lunch. Sometimes on harried days, they pull out the bags for supper, and each can have a different homemade soup.
So today I took the leftovers, filled Ziploc freezer quart bags and laid them flat in the freezer. And now I have Chicken & Rice Stew Gone Wild in the slow cooker, without any concern about eating it three days in a row. Nom.

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