So corn isn’t our thing

2011 corn harvest
2011 corn harvest

For the most part, we’ve been quite pleased with our garden this year. We finally got the knack of raspberries, and instead of harvesting them by the half cup we were filling large margarine tubs daily, spreading berries on baking sheets to freeze every evening. Come winter, fresh berries will be a treat.
We tried kohlrabi for the first time, and with the help of a German recipe, my husband fell in love with these odd plants. Peppers have gone gangbusters – there’s a mesh bag of cayennes hanging to dry on the porch – and we’re in the midst of the annual pondering of the tomatoes. With no vegetarian girlfriend around this year popping cherry tomatoes like candy, and none of our children’s other friends stepping in to fill the void, it looks like we’re going to be drying them in the oven.
The corn hasn’t been as much of a success. We’re happy to have it, mind you, but the picture shows that we haven’t yet achieved a consistent size. Heck, we have a couple of jalapenos that are bigger than that one ear. But we’ll enjoy it just the same, and save the cobs for the latest trick I learned – adding roasted corncobs to chicken stock.

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