The right tool, calendar version

Mom's Family Calendar
A critical tool in the family organization arsenal

Finally! After one child searched and came up empty-handed the other day, the other has retrieved one of our critical tools: the Mom’s Family Calendar.
Most calendars have squares that are too small to squeeze in four people’s activities, particularly during the evils of March and school activities/spring sports. Then my husband took to highlighting his activities in yellow, which was great for him but a nuisance for the rest of us.
My son brought home one of these calendars from a school book fair and I fell in love with it. For a family of four, especially, its five columns are perfect: Mom and Dad on one side, each child on the other, and a center column labeled ALL for functions that everyone is expected to attend. I’ve used these for about six years now and was feeling lost without one.

Mom's Family Calendar page
Five columns! Perfect for us

* I get absolutely nothing for sharing this. The companies involved never have heard of me. We truly have come to rely on this tool and I thought it might help someone else.

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