Dow Gardens in winter has more than butterflies

While I’ve been volunteering at Dow Gardens’ Butterflies in Bloom, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to take photos.


Certainly there are lots of butterflies. One of the most popular is the blue morpho, which looks like this open:


Sometimes they’re hard to spot when they’re closed, because the underside of their wings looks very different:


We also had African moonwing moths this week:


The gardens look very different in the winter-almost-spring, with ice formations on the waterfall.


In case you haven’t been to the gardens, one of their most recognizable features is the “red steps,” which are very Alden B. Dow-like in design.


This is the view of the inside of the conservatory from the “office” within.


This is the center of the conservatory, with permanent artwork hanging above.


The center also is home to a pair of frogs (this is the male) who are at least 7 years old.


The noisiest residents are the canaries, but there also is a lone Chinese quail.


Art exhibits periodically grace the gardens. This work by Victoria Billingham is one of three in the conservatory, and there are more throughout the gardens.


In one of the side rooms of the conservatory there are a number of bonsai, including this olive tree.


In the room opposite, there are orchids.



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