Healthier eating, one swap at a time

Ready to greet me in the morning.
Ready to greet me in the morning.

This is part of my routine now. I get a bag of green tea out at night and put it near my glasses. That way it rolls nicely into my morning routine, because I prepare and drink something right away, rather than after three hours on the computer.

I’m not a coffee person. This is not to say that I never drink it; on the contrary, I had developed the habit of drinking any coffee that was left in the pot, because I hate to let things go to waste. On the mornings my son made a second pot and left half of it behind, I would drink a cup, maybe two, and pour the rest into a juice bottle to save for later.

(I know some of you are cringing. My husband and son cannot stand old coffee, even by a few hours. My daughter and I, however, do not care. We also dump it into banana smoothies.)

The problem is that I don’t like the taste of coffee, so to make it drinkable, I pour in way too much froufrou flavored creamer. The current chocolate version lurking at the back of the fridge, for example, weighs in at a staggering 35 calories and 6 grams of sugar per “serving.”

If I only consumed one such “serving,” or even two, per oversized mug, well, I could just factor it into the rest of the day’s eating and move on. But my servings of creamer are more like a quarter-cup.

(The holidays were worse. There was leftover crème de cacao and leftover whipping cream, so into my coffee they went. I have resolved not to let that happen next year.)

So I have sworn off coffee. I haven’t entirely banished it from my diet, because that tends to piss me off and be counterproductive. But my day now starts with green tea, which is good for me, instead of a big mug of sugar.

What about you? Coffee, tea or something else entirely? And why? I’m truly curious, so do chime in.

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