The cheese never stands alone

a block of cheese being sliced

It’s not the grand gesture but the little one, even the tiny one, that is telling.

I was eating dinner the other night and my daughter came in and laid two slices of sharp cheddar cheese on my plate.

It might seem odd, to bring me a snack while I was clearly eating a meal.

But we have a rule in our house: There’s no such thing as too much cheese. Buying a single block of cheese is nearly pointless because it goes so quickly.

And it is universally loved. The joke now is for the slicer to ask, “Do you want some cheese?” and then laugh before the answer can come.

There was no question this time; I didn’t even know she was slicing. She just walked in, laid the cheese on my plate, smiled and walked away.

A tiny gesture, so precious.

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