Pet Pics, 042016 edition

At this point I may as well just confess that I like taking pictures of animals and plants, especially my own. Like you haven’t guessed. So expect this sort of thing to show up more frequently. Questions and comments always welcome.

Dog Abbey watching out window
Curtains to the balcony (and squirrel viewing) weren’t open yet. No matter. [April 11]
Black Lab guarding black chew bone
Black Lab guarding black chew bone. [April 12]
Dog Abbey draped over chair rungs
I don’t know how this is comfortable. [April 12]
Two dogs watching out separate windows
My son left in the truck and didn’t invite them. [April 12]
Dogs sleeping at opposite ends of a couch
Bookends. [April 17]
Cat Daryl sitting in open window
After early spring brought snow at least once a week, I think the entire mid-Michigan area was thrilled when 70 degrees finally seemed within reach. I opened windows all over the house and Daryl was quick to take advantage. [April 17]

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