Pet Pics, 052616 edition

One day I came home and on the sidewalk leading up to the porch was a giant stuffed dog. My son had found and salvaged it. My daughter claims to want it, but has yet to take it to her apartment, so in the meantime it is a living room fixture.

Black Lab chilling on loveseat with giant stuffed dog looking over the back
Maggie, unfazed. [April 25]
Blonde dog chilling on couch overlooked by giant stuffed dog
Abbey, looking like a snack. [May 10]
Blonde dog lying along back of loveseat face to face with giant stuffed dog
Abbey the goat in one of her common chilling spots, the back of the loveseat … with company! [April 20]
Blonde dog using giant stuffed dog as a pillow
The (stuffed) dog was on the floor. I was on the floor, stretching my back, which meant Abbey had to join me. Then she noticed a pillow … [May 1]


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