Pets Pics, 100216 camping edition

No, we haven’t just returned from camping. In my house, it’s hunting season (archery deer), and too cool to have the windows open all the time but not quite time to put the yard to bed for winter.

I still wanted to share these dog photos from summer camping, though:

Abbey swimming
I like this photo because you can see the path Abbey takes in the water. This is Grousehaven Lake at the Rifle River State Recreation Area near Lupton, Michigan, our favorite place to camp. [Aug. 5, 2016]


Abbey leaping in lake
Dogs don’t get much happier than this. [Aug. 5, 2016]


Abbey and Maggie at camp
Abbey and Maggie swam separately (it’s what the handlers could handle) but relaxed together afterward. As we say, “A wet Lab is a happy Lab.” [Aug. 5, 2016]


Maggie on sleeping bags
In the period before I took the sleeping bags to the dry cleaner, Maggie made good use of them.

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