Pet Pics, 100816 edition

One word: #caturday. This is a roundup of leftover shots of Daryl, my 2-year-old, FIV-positive rescue.

Daryl on top of piano

Daryl sitting outside in windowbox

You can’t tell here what he’s sitting in, so I’ll explain. He’s sitting in a windowbox that didn’t have any plants in it. How did he get there? He tore the bottom of the screen from the frame and slid underneath. No me gusta.

Daryl on bubble wrap

Bubble wrap.

Daryl on newspaper next to food

Daryl outside by birdbath

Yes, there’s a cat in this photo, on one of his rare ventures outside. He’s in the shadows of the bushes, stalking the birdbath. The birds were not fooled.

Daryl with indoor plants and Halloween mask


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