Plant Pic, 052619 edition

Lilac bush in backyard

This is our first spring in the forever home we moved into in September, so it is VERY exciting from a gardening standpoint. We’re still figuring out exactly what we have sprouting and trying to chart the hours of sun while the weather remains stubbornly overcast many days.

Last fall, my favorite local greenhouse (Keit’s in Bay City) put its perennials on deep discount, as I knew they would, and I snatched up two lilacs and a viburnum. My husband got sick of hearing me talk about finding plants and getting them nestled in before winter, but now we’re reaping the benefits. The lilacs I installed next to our patio are only waist high, but blossoming enough that the perfume gently fills the air.

I’m looking forward to many more years of these scents. And you can bet that I’ll be prowling the sale offerings again come fall.

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