Yeah, country first

It’s been an interesting day politically. First I was collared by someone conducting a survey, sucking away 20 minutes of my time as my son tapped his wrist about tennis practice, but I truly was intrigued by the questions.

Then as we went channel flipping, we tripped across the Republican national convention on PBS and stayed, just as Joe Lieberman was taking the podium. I spent the weekend camping but with access to newspapers, and I was eager to jump in the truck and find out who McCain had chosen, fearful he had tapped Romney. I was as invigorated by his choice as I was disappointed by Obama’s selection of Biden.

Excuse me, but I could have taken him before and declined; get a clue.

I sat on my porch tonight talking with a friend and realized we hadn’t talked about the VP candidates yet, and it was fun to go over things. She is thrilled, not just for this campaign but the next one. She really feels now like anyone has a chance. When is the last time people felt like that about national politics?

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