Fresh and new

There are depressing parts of winter. Sure, those include negative temps and soul-crushing darkness. But there’s also the gray ick of exhaust and people sludge that taints the snow after a while.
So even though I had to be out in it at 6:15ish this morning, I was delighted to see that for once the meteorologists were right, and we had a fresh 3 inches or so of snow. I was the first one to defile some of the roads, and it was a hoot.
When it got lighter, I took what photos I could from my windows and porch, with the help of the ever-faithful Lab assistant.

Pine tree and butterfly bush
One of the pines we planted about 17 years ago. To the right is a butterfly bush. I have several and never prune them before winter because I love the outlines.
Christmas tree outside
We always send our Christmas tree outside for bird and bunny cover, and it stays there until April or so. The suet ball draws grackles (rrr), but also pileated and plush woodpeckers.
The Labrador, retrieving
The Labrador, retrieving.

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