Pet Pic, Zen bunny edition

Wild rabbit with eyes closed

Wild rabbit with eyes closed

Our newest yard pet. We have found it numerous times just steps away, and today it has spent much of its time in the immediate vicinity of not only us humans, but the Lab assistant, who is 10 and pays it little mind.



Pet Pics, 031317 edition


Daryl winding around Abbey this afternoon.

When Daryl joined us just over two years ago, he weighed 7.7 pounds, had just been diagnosed as FIV positive and had some of his collar and belly fur trimmed off because he was so matted from spending the first 10 months of his life outdoors. At his checkup last week, he was pronounced in perfect health and weighed 15.3 pounds.

If you are considering adopting an FIV-positive cat, feel free to contact me.

Pet Pic, 022417 edition

Abbey resting her chin on my ankle

Abbey resting her chin on my ankle

When my son Josh was a toddler, he had to “check in” with a tag or hug periodically. My dog – because despite originally intending her for my husband Michael, Abbey has become my dog – is the same way. Every morning, we have what I call “check-in pets” as she pads over and rubs her face all over me. And tonight as I look for work online, she just wants to be with me.