Too many choices

    Having recording devices isn’t much help when what you really want is to watch both things at once. We allegedly have picture in picture, but a) we haven’t tried to learn it yet, and b) it’s beside the point. Who wants to watch Jack Bauer save the world AGAIN with ice dancers twizzling in the corner?

    I have picture in picture somewhere on a long list of things to attempt this week, but I’m not sure I’ll like it. It makes me think of a station we rarely watch that kept its station ID stuck smack over the hockey scores. I suppose if one thing you watch is fairly static then the window might not be distracting, but I don’t watch fishing shows.

    “O Canada” is playing in the background as I type, with the presentation of the women’s hockey Olympic medals. That shootout loss for the U.S. still stings. What was truly awesome, though, is how much my 12-year-old son, in his seventh year of hockey, enjoyed watching the women play, and that he said -– not for the first time -– that there should be a WNHL. He would watch.

    This post originally appeared on, the online home of the Midland (MI) Daily News. Republished with permission.

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